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What is the HTML5 Player?

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2017 09:04AM GMT

Since the advent of the Internet, HTML has been through several iterations. The early versions only supported text and graphics. The latest version, HTML5, has native support for video.

HTML5 is an emerging web standard that enables you to reach a wider audience on many different devices without having to re-code an app or web page for each device. Users don’t have to install and reinstall the same app on their different devices. HTML5 also provides the benefit of full UI customization that is easily achieved using CSS. This lets you separate the design from the backend functionality.

Important to video consumers, HTML5 includes support for video through a <video> tag. In addition to its HTML attributes, this video tag provides an extensive JavaScript API for controlling its content. The Player V3 and Player V4 support both the HTML5 <video> tag and <flash> playback. If Flash is supported and present on a device, Player V3, by default, uses Flash. On mobile devices if Flash is not present or supported, the Player V3 uses HTML5. The Player V4 uses HTML5.

Player V3 not only enables you to take advantage of the benefits of HTML5, it also continues to support Flash players. Essentially, Player V3 makes the best choice of player depending upon your device capabilities. You use the new embed style for both types of players but you can also continue to use your V2 players as the Player V3 enables them to continue to run.

Although HTML5 has a rich set of features, it does not support content protection and other features provided through the Flash player.

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